Chris Cairns shared a video by which he thanked the surgeons, medical doctors, nurses who “saved my life”.© Twitter

New Zealand cricket nice Chris Cairns on Monday stated he used to be “facing possibly the greatest challenge” of his lifestyles after being left paralysed following a stroke right through a middle operation. The 51-year-old, one of the most global’s peak all-rounders within the early 2000s, underwent life-saving surgical operation ultimate month when a tear advanced within the lining of a big artery. The Canberra-based former world had an emergency operation in Sydney however suffered a stroke right through the process, leaving him not able to make use of his legs. In his first feedback since, Cairns shared a video message on social media by which he thanked the surgeons, medical doctors, nurses who “saved my life”, acknowledging there used to be “a long road ahead”.

“Just over six weeks ago, I suffered a type-A aortic dissection, which essentially means there’s a tear in one of the major arteries of the heart,” he stated.

“I had several surgeries and grafts and very thankfully the specialists were able to save the heart itself.

“One of the most headaches that arose used to be a spinal stroke which in itself will supply me with in all probability the best problem I have ever confronted in rehab going ahead.”

Cairns played 62 Tests between 1989 and 2004, averaging 29.4 with the ball and 33.53 with the bat, including 87 sixes — a world record at the time.


However, his on-field achievements were overshadowed by match-fixing allegations, strongly denied by Cairns, that resulted in two court cases.

He was cleared on both occasions but complained his reputation had been “scorched” regardless.

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