Silk pillowcases are having a moment, reinforced by way of claims they are able to assist scale back wrinkles, pimples or even frizziness in hair — all whilst supplying you with a greater evening’s sleep.

First, let’s parse reality from rumor. After a number of weeks of napping on a silk pillowcase and talking with a number of professionals about whether or not those added attractiveness advantages are actual or simply suave advertising myths, we will ascertain that there’s most probably some fact to a minimum of one of the most claims. There’s a study that hyperlinks napping on silk to pimples relief, and consistent with the professionals we consulted, because the cloth creates much less friction than different materials like cotton, there’s anecdotal proof that silk can receive advantages pores and skin and hair. (You’ll learn extra from the surface and textile professionals we consulted under.)

Whilst we decided there’s some fact to the wonder advantages and that they don’t totally are living in dreamland, there’s definitely that those extremely cushy, clean pillowcases are a marvel to put your head upon. However which silk pillowcases are the most efficient? To determine this out, we selected 13 top-rated silk pillowcases and put them to the check. We surveyed the preliminary feel and look of our facial pores and skin and our hair after every sleep. We washed and dried every case, reapplied them to our pillows, then slept on them once more. Six weeks of checking out later (throughout which we slept on every pillowcase 3 nights general), we discovered 3 silk pillowcases that stood out:

Highest silk pillowcase general

Fishers Finery — constituted of the best silk to be had — felt luxuriously silky, are compatible our pillows completely, presented gorgeous nights of sleep and had been simple to scrub and dry each by way of hand and within the mechanical device.

Highest inexpensive silk pillowcase

The MYK Silk Herbal Silk Pillowcase, that includes beautiful silk on one aspect and white cotton at the different, presented a nice are compatible, restful sleep and for approximately part the cost of the Fishers Finery choice — although it is significantly much less luxurious-feeling.

Highest luxurious silk pillowcase

We could not get sufficient sleeps at the Lunya Washer-friendly Silk Pillowcase. Additionally a silk on one aspect, cotton at the different choice, Lunya’s silk floor case used to be probably the most lavish to touch, and design main points made it really feel considerably increased.

Fishers Finery 25mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Fishers Finery 25mm 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Our above and past winner is Fishers Finery’s 100% long-strand, luxury mulberry silk and feels impossibly cushy to touch.

Fishers Finery instances are constituted of the best silk available in the market. The instances are weighted at 25 momme depend — a standard unit to measure the weight and quality of silk — which is on the higher finish of the size. They’re spun from 100% natural grade 6A Mulberry silk, which is assumed to be smoother, more potent and extra uniformly coloured than different silks. (Learn extra about momme and silk grading under.)

We will have to be aware that whilst basically we skilled that napping on silk lowered frizziness and may know how they may even assist melt facial wrinkles, we couldn’t discern important variations in those advantages from one emblem to the following. That mentioned, the primary time we slept on Fishers Finery, it used to be nearly like we didn’t realize the pillowcase — that’s how a lot it melded into our face, hair and sleep enjoy. The silk felt noticeably softer towards the surface and hair in comparison to different pillowcases we examined.

Fishers Finery’s instances had the most efficient are compatible for our pillows: well-fitting however moderately free, in order that they’re simple to position on and pull off. There’s a lovable envelope foldover closure that appears great and makes the mattress really feel somewhat neater than a free, open pillowcase finish.

We additionally discovered those very best to scrub and put on, so as to discuss. Like all the manufacturers we examined, those are each machine- and hand-washable, and after washing them by way of hand, we discovered they are compatible completely to our pillows and, bonus, those instances had been the least wrinkly after being washed and squeezed out by way of hand — a plus in the event you’re anyone who, like us, is rarely going to iron or steam a pillowcase. We additionally washed those, in addition to the others we examined, within the mechanical device on a mild cycle, then hung them to dry — mechanical device washing with out hand-wringing resulted in fewer wrinkles as soon as dry, for each those and the opposite pillowcases we examined.

Those are available 3 sizes, usual, queen and king, and in 11 colours, greater than lots of the manufacturers we examined. Fishers are priced solidly within the center fluctuate of the manufacturers we examined, and we discovered those to be a very good mid-range select, although one who doesn’t really feel in any respect middle-of-the-road.

Should you’re new to the silk pillowcase marketplace and need an access level that’s now not overly pricey, this is a wonderful starter selection that are supposed to final for years yet to come.

MYK Silk Natural Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside


MYK Silk Herbal Silk Pillowcase with Cotton Underside

MYK Silk’s pillowcase is much less luxury than Fishers Finery’s lush Mulberry silk, however terrific in numerous tactics, together with its value level.

Comprised of 100% 19 momme mulberry silk — decrease weight than Fishers Finery however nonetheless moderately great to touch — and OEKO-TEX certified to standard 100 (this label signifies that each element of a product has been examined for destructive ingredients), those are superb pillowcases for the fee. After we pulled them out in their unadorned packaging, they felt like bedding you’d to find within the interiors division of a high-end retailer: cushy silk at the face, cotton at the underside, which made them really feel extra subtle than cut price bedding. They’re additionally very cushy and joyful towards the face, with out being probably the most overly slinky, slippery silk choices.

MYK Silk’s instances are compatible our queen-size pillows extra historically than lots of the different manufacturers we examined — snugly in each width and period. They have got a zip closure, which is a pleasant useful contact, however since the zipper’s opening and shutting issues are positioned about an inch in from the true finish of the pillow, the outlet of the case is somewhat shorter than the period of the pillowcase. This supposed that placing a fluffier down pillowcase with extra quantity into the pillowcase used to be moderately much less facile than doing so with one of the most looser, greater pillowcases. As soon as suited to the pillow, although, MYK Silk’s regarded properly appointed at the mattress.

Those additionally supplied a great sleep and, as famous above, like the entire silk instances, they appeared to depart our hair feeling much less troubled than usual pillowcases. They’re machine cleanable, or will also be washed by way of hand and line dried (we did each, with nice results on the subject of softness of the fabric) and are hypoallergenic, protective towards mud, allergens and toxins.

MYK Silk pillowcases are bought in 3 sizes (usual, queen, and king), and 9 colours. For a 3rd of the fee, you’re giving up probably the most luxury feeling pillowcase, however you’re getting numerous colour choices, and an implausible evening of sleep.

Delivered in a skinny zippable pouch imprinted with the phrases “good in bed” (which will also be stored to retailer the pillowcase when now not in use), Lunya, a emblem that makes beautiful silk sleepwear and different textiles, additionally makes superlative pillowcases.

Lunya’s hybrid silk pillowcase is 100% washer-friendly silk at the entrance and 100% woven cotton at the again, very similar to the MYK Silk choice above. However Lunya’s washer-friendly silk is a reminder of simply how luxury silk can really feel. Like pressed velvet or some cloth in a unique class of high quality from cotton, the Lunya pillowcase used to be so cushy and touchable it used to be downright evocative. Sleep felt so restful on Lunya’s silk we didn’t need to elevate our heads away from bed. However after we did upward thrust, we did appear to note much less frizz (in comparison to napping on different pillowcases in our checking out pool), nearly as though we’d slept in a bath cap or a towel.

Lunya’s pillowcases are compatible somewhat extra loosely than the others we examined, fitted within the width, however simple to slide off and on, and further lengthy in period. Regardless that those are very good-quality silk, they truly are washer-friendly. Throw them within the mechanical device on chilly, or wash them by way of hand with just a little liquid detergent, then dangle to dry (we did each — hand washing takes extra time after all, however each cleansing strategies led to nice results, with the mechanical device washing leaving them much less wrinkly after line-drying).

Lunya silk pillowcases most effective are available two sizes, usual queen and king, and in only one colour, Tranquil White, that could be too proscribing for some consumers. That, plus the considerably upper value level over our two different winners, stored Lunya’s out of our height spot.

Nonetheless, the Lunya pillowcase used to be simply downright dreamy, providing the most efficient evening’s sleep and one of the most maximum noticeably sure results on our hair, making them well worth the improve.

There’s so much to believe when purchasing silk pillowcases, from the kind of silk and conceivable advantages to ease of care and value level. So we’ve compiled all our analysis to stroll you via precisely what you wish to have to understand ahead of you upload to cart.

Whilst there’s documented proof that silk pillowcases may scale back pimples, different pores and skin advantages — equivalent to lowering wrinkles — are most commonly anecdotal. Dendy Engelman, M.D. beauty dermatologist with the NYC-based Shafer Hospital, mentioned that no person will have to be expecting silk pillowcases to totally get rid of wrinkles, however provides that they are able to “help to slow down the formation of them,” particularly “sleep wrinkles,” the strains some dermatologists consider increase from napping for your aspect or your abdomen as your face scrunches into your pillow. “Silk creates fewer wrinkles and indentations on the skin as you sleep because it helps reduce strain or friction,” Engleman says.

Silk may be much less absorbent than cotton, Engleman provides, so it doesn’t drink in our middle of the night skincare merchandise the way in which cotton can, this means that evening serums and moisturizers keep at the pores and skin doing their paintings there, now not at the pillowcase.

We didn’t see a noticeable temporary distinction within the situation of our pores and skin whilst napping on silk throughout our checking out. That mentioned, while the pimples learn about we cited above lasted 12 weeks, our checking out procedure lasted most effective six, happened throughout iciness, when pores and skin is extra dry, and throughout an epidemic, when rigidity ranges were upper than commonplace. In different phrases, our first-hand enjoy wasn’t lengthy sufficient for us to definitively assess the affect napping on silk has on pores and skin. There might be long-term advantages to our facial pores and skin that we’ll see accrue over an extended time, together with that we’re getting greater nights of sleep napping on silk.

The diminished friction issue of silk may be concept to assist in managing frizzy hair. The smoother floor of silk can imply “less messing, fuzzing, split ends of your hair,” says textile professional Deborah Young. This receive advantages is extra pronounced for the ones with thick and curly hair. Merely put, Younger says, “less texture equals less bedhead.”

This tester, possessing mentioned thick and curly hair, did realize in an instant a discount in dryness and frizziness after simply the primary sleep at the first silk pillowcase. The ones calming and non-irritating results on hair persisted with every of the next silk pillowcases examined. Our hair gave the impression extra supple and wholesome throughout the numerous weeks of the checking out procedure, although we didn’t to find that one explicit pillowcase emblem used to be quantifiably greater in its remedy of our hair.

Along with the boosts silk may give your pores and skin and your hair, the fabric additionally simply feels nice to sleep on, our professionals mentioned. “The first thing that people respond to is the luxurious hand, or feel of the fabric,” says Younger. “Although silk is warm to wear, it has a cool hand, or touch. This means that although your silk pajamas will be wonderfully warm, as a pillow, the fabric will remain quite cool and soothing.” Silk may be incessantly hypoallergenic, Younger notes, making silk pillowcases a nice choice for the ones with hypersensitive reactions or pores and skin sensitivities.

To these fearful that silk is also too excessive repairs as a bedding merchandise, Younger swears it’s value it. “Silk can absolutely be machine washed – inside out, in a mesh lingerie bag, with a detergent formulated for silk on a delicate cleaning cycle and absolutely no bleach – ever!” Younger advises washing one by one, or as she prefers, by way of hand and in chilly water, gently squeezed out in a rolled up towel, lay flat or hung to dry. We washed all the instances we examined each by way of hand, then hung to dry, and by way of mechanical device, on refined, then hung to dry, with high quality effects from each processes. Regardless that lots of the care directions for those pillowcases point out that drying in a mechanical device on low warmth is OK, as an strategy to line drying, we adhered to our professional’s recommendation and most effective line-dried. Device washing used to be much less exhausting than hand-washing, however took about the similar time to finish.

Should you’re looking for silk pillowcases, Younger advises, you’ll to find the best quality if you choose actual silk (which incorporates lots of the pillowcases we examined, together with our winners). Younger notes although that some “silk” pillowcases are in fact fabricated from 100% polyester, which “could be a budget, but successful, alternative.” (A few the instances in our checking out pool had been polyester, a noticeable distinction from actual silk on the subject of contact and high quality, however nonetheless efficient on the subject of providing nice, joyful sleep and no more flyaway hair.) Natural silk is perceived as extra precious and sumptuous, Younger says, however silk blends is also extra inexpensive and nonetheless moderately efficient on the subject of pillowcases.

There’s additionally a variety of varieties of silk you’ll listen about when buying groceries. Momme, as famous above, denotes the thickness and sturdiness of the material, the next momme being a heavier weight, Younger explains. Mulberry silk comes from cultivated silkworms that consume most effective leaves from the mulberry tree. “There are other silks that are rougher and more cotton-like, but the shiny stuff is mulberry or cultivated silk,” Younger says. Charmeuse is a lighter weight silk. And the grade of silk charges its high quality. Silk is graded on an A, B or C scale, A being the best high quality. A host connected to that grade is a extra explicit marker of high quality, 6 being the perfect (and the quantity related to our height winner.)

High quality/really feel

  • Preliminary really feel: We unpacked every pillowcase (and famous information about the packaging) and assessed its preliminary really feel. Is it great cushy? Sumptuous? Slinky? Satiny? Velvety? Matte? Glossy? Does it really feel top of the range? Does it really feel artificial or affordable? We famous all of our preliminary impressions.
  • Sleep really feel: We slept on every pillowcase for at least 3 nights. We aroused from sleep and briefly famous our impressions: Did the case really feel joyful towards our face and hair? Did we slip or slide towards the fabric in any respect? Used to be it a joyful, or better-than-comfortable sleep? Used to be it cool towards our face? Did it withstand soaking up any skincare merchandise we may have carried out ahead of sleep?
  • Put up-wash really feel: We washed and dried every pillowcase at least one time. After washing and drying, we seen: Did the pillowcase really feel any other, and even softer?
  • Sturdiness: We recorded, after more than one sleeps, and after laundering, did the pillowcases tablet, shrink or fade in any noticeable method? Did they nonetheless are compatible the pillow?
  • Are compatible: Every pillowcase we examined used to be queen length. We famous how every pillowcase are compatible our queen-size pillows, and attempted every case on several types of pillows.
  • Ease of care: We learn the showering directions on every pillowcase. Is every case machine-washable, and dryable? Is refined cycle a mandate? Is hand-washing advisable or most popular? Line drying? After hand washing and line drying, what’s the wrinkle issue of every case?

Noticeable advantages

  • Aid in pores and skin or hair frizziness: After every evening of sleep, we surveyed the situation of our facial pores and skin and the feel of our hair. Used to be there any noticeable exchange in visual wrinkles, dryness, or different situation? Had been there fewer flyaways, frizziness or “bedhead”? We assessed if both our facial pores and skin or our hair really feel much less dry than same old after napping on usual pillowcases.


  • Sizes: We famous in what number of sizes every pillowcase is to be had. Maximum are available usual or queen, and king (or all 3), at a width of about 20 inches, and period starting from about 26 to 40 inches. Some instances have a smaller shuttle or infant length, or a moderately longer than king length.
  • Colours: We recorded what number of colours are to be had for every case. One of the vital upper finish manufacturers are most effective to be had in white, and lots of the extra inexpensive ones have upwards of 25 colours, and a few patterns.

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase ($89;

Our dermatologist supply Dr. Engelman’s favourite silk pillowcase emblem is Slip, and after checking out, we’re additionally massive enthusiasts. Slip pillowcases additionally are available a lovable, slick cardboard field designed with witty replica (“sleep with us, tell your friends”) and a magnetized duvet that can be utilized to retailer the pillowcase when now not in use. The pillowcase itself is of a extra slinky selection than one of the most different high-end manufacturers we examined, giving us vibes of a silky gown or, sure, a undies slip — in the easiest way. It’s constituted of excessive grade, 6A lengthy fiber mulberry silk, with a thickness of twenty-two mommes. It’s cushy and swish to touch and towards the surface and hair. This one is a extra conventional, nearer are compatible to the pillow, plus it washes (each by way of hand and by way of mechanical device) and line dries superbly.

The Slip silk pillowcase is available in two sizes, queen and king, and in 13 colours. Slip, whilst deliciously cushy and lovely to sleep on, didn’t really feel essentially extra pleasant than Fishers Finery, nor did it really feel extra over-the-top incredible than Lunya, which is why, at its value level of $89, Slip didn’t finally end up one among our winners. Should you do spring for this indulgent select, although, we believe you’ll find it irresistible so much, and sleep on it, moderately peacefully, for years yet to come.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase ($79.95, at first 99.95;

Additionally a extremely ranked choice (and one who textile professional Young recommends) is Blissy’s silk pillowcases, on sale at the moment. Blissy arrives in a mild iridescent cardboard field with a pullout drawer coated with tissue paper, that feels such as you’re opening a complicated little present of good jewellery. Blissy’s instances are 100% silk, 22 momme 6A grade — indulgently cushy needless to say, and in a similar way top quality, however extra of a satin end than that washer-friendly silk really feel of Fishers Finery or Lunya that we liked such a lot. Blissy’s silk presented wonderful nights of sleep, without a residue from middle of the night face moisturizers or leftover make-up from the day. And we aroused from sleep feeling like our hair were handled by some means, find it irresistible used to be wrapped in a protecting towel over the evening. Blissy’s case used to be a number of the snuggest becoming of the instances we examined, and with its hidden zipper closure, nearly appears like your pillow is being swaddled, in an abruptly comforting method. And if those explicit options — a satiny-silk texture, a detailed are compatible, top rate packaging and design — are interesting, you might certainly by no means sleep with out what the emblem calls “your new bed time best friend.”

Blissy is machine-washable, however directions inspire hand washing in chilly water and line drying for best possible product existence. They arrive in usual, queen, and king sizes, however just one colour, white — that limitation, plus the almost-double value as in comparison to Fishers Finery, stored Blissy from being one among our winners.

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ($59;

We’re unswerving enthusiasts of Brooklinen bedding, having examined and liked its linen sheets and super-plush bath towels. And now, we’re enthusiasts of its 100% long-strand natural mulberry silk pillowcases too. The emblem’s area of expertise charmeuse weave (which refers to how the fibers are woven in combination to create a lustrous end) silk feels so deliciously clean towards the fingers and the face, like any in their merchandise. Beneficiant in width and period, those are simple to slide directly to a pillowcase, and really feel luxuriously drapey. They arrive in usual and king length, and in more than one beautiful colours, together with the elegant emerald, cerulean, blush and celestial (military background with an lovely superstar trend). We liked Brooklinen’s pillow instances very a lot, however they got here in just below our very height winner as a result of we liked the Lunya hybrid super-silk contact just a bit bit extra.

Hairfinity Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ($48.99;

Silky, luxury and high-end, Hairfinity’s used to be probably the most first silk pillowcases we examined, and we had been rapid converts. There’s an off-the-boudoir really feel to this one, partially as it most effective is available in black and in a single length. If black pillow instances fit your present decor, those are an exquisite choice. We had glorious nights of sleep on those and did realize much less flyaways the following mornings (their website online boasts that they clean the hair cuticle and scale back dryness by way of conserving moisture). Those hand wash and line dry simply, and also are machine cleanable. Hairfinity used to be a very good mid-priced choice, however their being to be had most effective in black stored them from being an general winner.

SpaSilk 100% Natural Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Pores and skin Good looks ($20.99;

SpaSilk’s silk pillowcase is a cut price choice, and the packaging displays that. However the product inside feels of a better grade: silky, luxurious even. They’re a minimalist design with an envelope closure, and the are compatible at the pillow is set moderate, loose-ish however now not dishevelled. Those presented a great few nights of sleep, and our pores and skin and hair each did really feel somewhat much less dry the following mornings. We washed those by way of hand and line-dried them, like the entire leisure, to a high quality consequence. Two cool choices with SpaSilk: Along with the queen and king sizes, they arrive in a child/shuttle length, which is a pleasant comfort, particularly at this value level. And, they arrive in 12 colours, together with a paisley and a leopard print, which, in the event you’re going to be making an investment in silk pillowcases, why now not create a temper? SpaSilk didn’t really feel moderately as great to touch as MYK Silk did, which is why it didn’t are available as our first-place cut price pillowcase.

Cuddledown Silk Pillowcase ($59;

Any other well-reviewed emblem of silk pillowcases is Cuddledown. Product of 100% silk charmeuse and completed with piped hems and French seams, Cuddledown’s instances glance minimalist elegant, really feel divine and are compatible our pillows completely. They presented a number of restful nights of sleep, and didn’t appear to dry out our hair and face. They’re as simple as the entire others handy wash and dry, or throw within the mechanical device, although with this silk subject matter, they might glance great if steamed after drying. They didn’t rank as excessive as a few of our winners most effective as a result of we didn’t love them moderately as a lot to touch, however they had been greater than pleasing. They’re bought in two sizes and 9 colours.

Blissford Luxurious Satin Pillowcase for Hair ($10.99;

Blissford’s satin pillowcase, constituted of 100% polyester, is much less luxury than the 100% silk instances we attempted, however a cast choice nevertheless. It feels artificial in comparison to lots of the silk manufacturers, and it’s a difference we felt towards our face throughout sleep (and one who stored them from being ranked as our best possible cut price choice). On the other hand, we did nonetheless reach a number of nice nights of sleep in this case, and our hair and pores and skin did really feel unbothered later on, too. Blissford instances are compatible our pillow completely, and glance great, with a zippable flap closure. Those had been a breeze handy wash and line dry, and so they’re machine cleanable as effectively. Possibly as a result of they’re satin and now not silk, they rise up to being wrung out by way of hand greater than silk, and rarely wrinkled in any respect as soon as air-dried.

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair ($8.99 for set of 2;

Any other satin choice that feels much less luxury than the silk ones however nevertheless moderately appropriate for a nice evening of sleep are Bedsure’s pillowcases. A nice 2d cut price choice, Bedsure’s instances are available a package deal of 2 for not up to Blissford’s one. Those instances are a far looser and drapier are compatible than some we examined, and so they even have an envelope closure on the finish for a neatly-made pillow. Like Blissford’s satin, those are simple to hand-wash and line dry, and are machine cleanable, and since they’re 100% polyester, emerge from wringing and line drying with few wrinkles. They arrive in a whopping 24 colours and in 4 sizes, all 20 inches large, with expanding inches in period, from 26 to 40. On their Amazon web page, Bedsure seems to be somewhat tacky and decrease high quality, however in individual, the packaging is sexy and the product is moderately respectable, particularly for the fee.

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