He’s going to meet with “the transgender community” that takes factor together with his jokes about trans other people, he advised audiences at a gig in Nashville on Sunday — however is “not bending to anybody’s demands,” he stated in movies posted to his verfied Instagram account.

“It’s been said in the press that I was invited to speak with transgender employees at Netflix and I refused,” Chappelle stated at first of the five-minute clip. “That is not true. If they had invited me I would’ve accepted, although I am confused about what we’re speaking about.

“I stated what I stated and boy, I heard what you stated,” he persisted, it appears addressing trans workers at Netflix, a few of whom participated in a walkout last week after the corporate persisted to protect “The Nearer.” “My god, how may I now not? You stated you sought after a secure operating surroundings at Netflix. Smartly, it kind of feels like I am the one person who cannot pass to the workplace anymore.”

“I need everybody on this target audience to understand that although the media frames it as even though it is me as opposed to that group, that isn’t what it’s. Don’t blame the LBGTQ [sic] group for any of this s—. This has not anything to do with them. It is about company passion and what I will say and what I will not say.”

“For the file — and I would like you to understand this — everybody I do know from that group has been not anything however loving and supportive. So I have no idea what all this nonsense is set.”

In “The Nearer,” Chappelle joked about trans ladies’s genitalia and TERFs (or trans-exclusionary radical feminists), amongst different subjects. Trans comedians told CNN earlier this month they felt that the feedback had been an instance of “punching down” on those with less power and a betrayal of the astute social commentary for which Chappelle is known.
In his Nashville set, Chappelle went on to discuss the series of comedy shows he staged in small-town Ohio in the summer of 2020, some of which were filmed for an upcoming documentary. But because of the criticism surrounding “The Nearer,” Chappelle told audiences, he has been disinvited from several film festivals and “nowadays, now not a movie corporate, now not a film studio, now not a movie competition … will contact this movie.”
“Thank God for Ted Sarandos at Netflix,” he told the audience of the company’s co-CEO. “He is the one one who did not cancel me but.”
Netflix co-CEO on Dave Chappelle fallout: I screwed up

“To the transgender group, I’m greater than keen to come up with an target audience,” he said. “However you’ll now not summon me. It’s not that i am bending to any one’s calls for.”

Chappelle stated he has 3 stipulations for many who need to meet with him: “You should come to a spot of my opting for, at a time of my opting for. And thirdly, you should admit that Hannah Gadsby isn’t humorous.” (Gadsby, a lesbian comedian whose specials “Nanette” and “Douglas” also are streaming on Netflix, criticized Sarandos for standing behind “The Closer” previous this month.)

“You can not have this dialog and exclude my voice from it. This is best honest,” Chappelle said. “It’s a must to solution the query — am I canceled or now not? Now let’s pass.”

Chappelle announced that the documentary on his pandemic comedy shows will be released in theaters in 10 cities in the US and Canada throughout November, along with live performances from Chappelle and other guests.

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