If you’re brothers Justin and Christian Lengthy, it is not that onerous.

“The first part is easy, we love buddy comedies,” Christian Lengthy informed CNN.

“We’re buddies,” Justin Lengthy quipped.

The pair co-wrote and co-directed the brand new movie “Lady of the Manor” and were given a bit of little bit of lend a hand from a few of their well-known pals.

Judy Greer stars as Woman Wadsworth, a ghost who steps in after her descendant Tanner, (performed via Ryan Phillippe) hires stoner Hannah (Melanie Lynskey) because the live-in excursion information for the circle of relatives’s manor area.

Justin Lengthy additionally has a task within the film. He informed CNN he and his brother grew up gazing vintage ’80s pal comedies like “What About Bob” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

“So we always wanted that to be the genre of the first thing we did,” the actor, identified for paintings in films like “Dodgeball” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” mentioned. “We knew that we were familiar with it and somewhat comfortable in doing and taking a stab at it.”

One of the vital concepts they got here up with, Justin Lengthy mentioned, was once to have a ghost film the place the ghost was once extra of an annoyance than horrifying.

It took awhile to return to fruition, alternatively.

“We found the voice memo that Justin recorded when we came up with the idea and I think it was July 2018,” Christian Lengthy mentioned. “We wrote it in early 2019, then we shot it a year later, early 2020 and now here we are.

Christian Long said the pair actually didn’t write together, but wrote half each and compared notes as his brother was in London working at the time they wrote the film.

“It was once a pleasant method to keep attached,” Justin Long said of writing the film long distance. “It was once a method to snigger in combination.”

They also had fun shooting the movie, especially getting to work with their friends, who Justin Long said were able to take some of his and his brother’s “juvenile” comedy and turn it into something touching.

“What Christian and I did not wait for was once them injecting such a lot center into it,” Justin Long said. “They made this second on the finish that was once so stunning and so they had been so attached. It was once in point of fact shifting for the film we concept we had been making.”

“Judy coined the word ‘a fartwarming comedy,'” he added.

“Woman of the Manor” is now to be had on call for, DVD and Blu-ray.

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