Actor-couple Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan will tie the knot nowadays amongst shut pals and members of the family. The couple had elaborate plans for a 15-day honeymoon out of the country however that hasn’t labored out because of trip restrictions and laws in international international locations because of the pandemic.

Aditya mentioned, “We wanted to go on our honeymoon right after marriage and had even booked tickets. But, we were informed that the flight was cancelled and we had the choice of booking the flights on another date. Then, we chose another destination but realised that there were 10 day quarantine rules and therefore we decided to postpone our honeymoon. We plan to travel during the New Years now.”

Aditya and Anushka had been in a dating for the closing 4 years and in Oct 2019, Aditya proposed to Anushka in Paris. The duo are getting married nowadays and their wedding festivities had Vani Kapoor and Alia Bhatt dancing on the sangeet and mehndi purposes.

Aditya mentioned, “Anushka is an evolved person and we connected in the first meeting itself. She is very independent and looks after her things and mine.” Anushka mentioned, “I have never loved someone so deeply. I have tremendous respect for Aditya and we are best of friends. Aditya’s family is great and my family likes him a lot. It is happy time when we all get together. My mother finds a son in Aditya while my father still portrays that he is the daughter’s father so he will take time. It is a lot of fun and we constantly crack jokes.”

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