Vijay Pagar, who claims to be an eyewitness within the ongoing medicine on cruise case, alleged that Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan‘s son Aryan Khan was once framed intentionally by way of some other people to generate income.

He says that he was once involved with Sunil Patil, Manish Bhanushali and so forth for some reason why throughout September 27 and October 3. He additionally claims that he went close to the NCB workplace on third October with Bhanushali.

“We reached the NCB office where I saw the whole atmosphere. When I reached the hotel back, I saw the news on TV that Shah Rukh Khan’s son has been caught. Then I understood that there is a big mess and Aryan Khan has been implicated,” he stated

“On October 3, Bhanushali met me and asked me to go with him to get money. While I was with him in the car, I heard them saying that a deal of Rs 25 crores was scheduled but settled on Rs 18 crores and Rs 50 lakhs taken,” Pagare stated.

Pagare additional stated,”I had given money to Sunil Patil in 2018-19 for some work & for the last 6 months, I was following him to get that money back. This year in September, we were in a hotel room where Sunil Patil told Bhanushali that a big game has happened and we need to leave for Ahmedabad. They returned from Ahmedabad only on 3rd October and Bhanushali asked me to accompany him to get my money back”.

An NCB staff busted an alleged medicine birthday party at the Cordelia Cruise send which was once on its strategy to Goa at mid-sea on October 2. A complete of 20 other people, together with two Nigerian nationals and Aryan Khan, were arrested thus far within the case.

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