TikTok stays banned in India since final yr.

Pakistan, which has shut family members with China, has been urging TikTok to broaden an efficient mechanism to keep an eye on illegal content material.

Pakistan’s media regulating authority on Friday once more lifted a ban on shot movies app TikTok, this time after 4 months, following assurances from the preferred Chinese language video-sharing provider that it might keep an eye on the unfold of indecent content material. It used to be the fourth time up to now 15 months that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority imposed and lifted one of these ban.

Pakistan first blocked TikTok, which may be very fashionable amongst Pakistani teenagers and younger adults, in October 2020 over what it described as common lawsuits about allegedly “immoral, obscene and vulgar” content on the app. The regulatory agency said in a statement on Twitter that TikTok had assured Pakistan it would also block users who upload “unlawful content.” The app, owned through China’s ByteDance, has been downloaded nearly 39 million occasions in Pakistan.

Pakistan, which has close relations with China, has been urging TikTok to develop an effective mechanism to control unlawful content. Over the years, Pakistan has also forwarded hundreds of complaints to Facebook and Twitter about content, alleging it is offensive and potentially insulting to Islam, which goes against Pakistani law.

In 2008, Pakistan banned YouTube over videos depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims generally believe any physical depiction of Islam’s prophet is blasphemous.

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