Members of the family of the 11 COVID-19 sufferers are in a state of concern after the incident.


Members of the family of the 11 COVID-19 sufferers, who died after a hearth broke out at a sanatorium in Ahmednagar, are in a state of concern and but to come back to phrases with the truth that their family members, whom they’d admitted to the clinical facility with the hope of restoration, will now by no means come again house.

A few of them had been inconsolable as they may now not also have a remaining glimpse in their lifeless relations within the wake of the COVID-19 protocols.

The members of the family bid farewell to their lifeless relations with a heavy middle after the our bodies have been passed over to them by means of the sanatorium management overdue Saturday night time.

11 coronavirus sufferers have been killed on Saturday after a significant hearth broke out within the Extensive Care Unit (ICU) of the district civil sanatorium in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar town, positioned 120 km from Pune and 253 km from Mumbai.

The blaze erupted round 11 am within the ICU ward the place 17 COVID-19 sufferers, a lot of them senior voters and a few on ventilator or oxygen, have been present process remedy. The ward were added to the sanatorium after the pandemic started, officers previous stated.

The sanatorium management overdue within the night time passed over the our bodies to their relations who carried out the remaining rites at crematoriums in Ahmednagar town and neighbouring Nevasa tehsil within the district.

Adinath Wagh, who misplaced his uncle Ramkishan Harpude (70) within the sanatorium blaze, carried out his cremation at their local position in Nevasa on Saturday night time.

“It was only two days back that he was admitted and we were expecting a speedy recovery. But he died in the fire tragedy,” he instructed PTI.

Mr Wagh stated lots of the shut members of the family have been distraught and inconsolable as they may now not see Mr Harpude’s face one remaining time because of the COVID-19 protocols.

“After receiving the body, it was taken to our native place and we performed the last rites in the presence of close family members,” he added.

Bhagwan Pawar, who misplaced his father Bhivaji Pawar (80) within the sanatorium blaze, stated they needed to carry out his remaining rites in Ahmednagar as a substitute in their local village in Parner tehsil.

The opposite relations may now not attend the funeral, he rued.

“My father had a tragic death. Due to COVID-19, the cremation was conducted in Ahmednagar only. Only a few of us were present in the crematorium,” he stated.

Vivek Khatik, whose father Kadu Bal Gangadhar Khatik (65) additionally died within the tragedy, stated they carried out his funeral at their village in Nevasa tehsil.

“We received the body late Saturday evening for the last rites. My mother was also in the same ICU. We could save her, but not my father,” Khatik stated.

Consistent with police officers, out of the 11 sufferers, one was once up to now unidentified and the frame was once saved in a morgue.

The sufferer will probably be cremated by means of the Ahmednagar civic frame after final touch of the due procedure, they stated. 

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