In a ordinary incident, a lady made a TikTok video claiming that she had swallowed her Apple AirPods by way of mistake. A Boston-based TikTok person, who is going by way of the title “@iamcarliiib”, claimed that she had her left AirPod in her left hand and had an Ibuprofen 800 pill within the different hand. She used to be meaning to take the medication however by accident swallowed her left AirPod.

Quickly after realising that she ‘took’ the AirPods as a substitute of her drugs, she attempted to puke it out. However it didn’t paintings. She needed to go through an X-ray to verify that the AirPod used to be within her abdomen and fortunately, it had pop out “through the normal course of events”, as according to a record by way of Apple Insider.

By the way, the AirPods used to be hooked up to her iPhone and he or she used to be additionally ready to make a decision with the AirPod within her abdomen. Whilst the location sounds frightening, the girl claimed that AirPod recorded “gurgling sounds” from within her abdomen.

The scared person vouched that she would by no means use her AirPods once more. Fortunately, she is protected.

It’s now not the primary time that an AirPod has been swallowed. As according to the record, previous a person from Massachusetts had by accident swallowed his AirPods whilst he used to be dozing. The AirPods needed to be got rid of from his oesophagus after undertaking an endoscopic surgical operation. In some other incident, a 7-year-old child needed to be taken to the clinic after consuming the AirPods.

On a similar notice, an Apple AirPods person in China, remaining 12 months, needed to be rushed to the emergency room after his AirPods exploded in his ears. He suffered from minor accidents and had healed after a few days. Apple, reportedly, compensated the person after doing a radical investigation.

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